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In The Company of Women

As I reflected on my 18th year of life preparing for my birthday last April, I spent some time thinking about the woman I want to be. I thought about the women I’ve looked up to through the years and what has led them to become who they are today. Naturally, I had to go talk to them, so over the summer I’ve spent time traveling to photograph and interview some of these incredible leaders in their vocations and communities. Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing the first five articles in the series featuring five New Yorkers who share their stories, reflections on life, and their advice to women growing and living in our current culture.


Kari Jo Cates on Hospitality

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An organic outpouring of the gospel becomes welcoming people in so as your life becomes the gospel it inherently becomes community.


Chris Whitford on Avail NYC

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These popular statements like ‘you can do anything you want,’ ‘be who you want to be,’ etc., those aren’t true statements and they really bring an enormous amount of pressure on young women. They communicate that you need to be exceptional and somehow you need to have an external proof of your exceptionalism and I think that’s slavery… and it’s probably the root of a lot of anxiety.

More coming soon…

Jenni Bounds on Community.

It’s all about having strong people in your life that love you no matter what, that love you despite your stuff, that you can be real with… and not just over text or email or social media, but actually having people in your life that can really challenge you and be there for you.

Emily Salz on creating a sense of home and learning about who you are.

The more you know God the more you’re going to know yourself. Do the hard work and persevere when it’s hard to stay engaged. It feels like it should be easy and quick because there are so many things like that in our lives, but it takes time to fully figure things out. Learn to be okay with where you’re at sitting in that unknown.

Sandi Taylor on how to invest your time wisely.

You need to know who you are and what God has gifted you to do. The things I invest my time in are things that not everybody can do. They’re uniquely suited to my gifts and talents so if I’m faithful to know who God made me to be and then live out of that, I’m not fighting the constant ‘Well I’m supposed to be good at everything.’


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