Hello, there! I’m Halle.

Most days you’ll find me sporting a red lip and some sort of striped clothing and adding a new taco spot to checkout to my to-do list (my favorite ever is Los Tacos No. 1 in New York’s Chelsea Market!). I’m currently based out of Portland, Oregon and Waco, Texas, but am always available for travel. I’m so thankful to clients who have taken me with them all over the world— New York City, Southern France, and the stunning cascades of Washington State to name a few of my favorites!

I’m a big believer in Jesus and the redeeming power of the gospel and I seek to love others in everything I do. I also believe that every season and story is worth telling and documenting. I hope both of those truths shine through in my work as I strive to photograph my clients in the most intentional and timeless way possible.

Our sessions together will be full of laughter, conversation, and if you want to make me really really happy— your dog. I really am so honored to be considered as your photographer in whatever your season might be because, as much as I try to hide it, I still sometimes get a little teary-eyed at all the joy and emotion on wedding days watching your dad tear up as he walks you down the aisle or when I’m taking your family photos for the fifth year in a row and can’t believe how fast your kids have grown up.

Testimonials & Feedback

“The quality is outstanding from the personal relationship you develop with Halle to the photos you receive. The memories she captures so effortlessly are priceless so it’s really a steal for all of us!” - Grace K.

“Halle goes out of her way to ensure her client’s comfort during the session and is so kind and caring. I truly believe that the reason all of her photos came out as well as they did is because she made us feel safe to relax and enjoy the experience!” - Grace D.

“Halle goes above and beyond to make you not only feel comfortable in front of the camera, but also be able to have fun during your session. Every photo was absolutely beautiful. The way Halle captures moments and turns them into lasting memories is truly a gift.” - Kristi B.

“I absolutely loved being able to work with and chat with Halle! I felt super comfortable with what her suggestions and requests were and appreciated her guidance in poses and such. I felt so easy in front of the camera and trusted what she was doing because she was so confident!” - Rachel B.